The Pipsqueak Panda

                                                 the funkiest little school

                                                   of arts around!      

We bring the arts alive...We encourage the use of imaginations in a big way...We embrace the beauty of imperfection...we encourage each child to simply become who they are as an artist...!

Many years ago I had a dream of providing a place for children to explore the beautiful world of the arts.  I envisioned a place that children of all ages and abilities could escape the stressors and pressure of this world and learn to get back to the basics.  A place for them to use their imaginations and to allow their creativity to soar.  Music, art, theatre, dance....this is the place for your child to come and discover who they are as discover the truth that they, themselves, are each a magnificent masterpiece in this world!  Welcome to the PANDA Family!

Comfort Rogers
Executive Director